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DIY Technical Support 

Unboxing and Starting Tips
1. Cut the black strips then lift cardboard box. Fold the box flat for storage (save for future shipping in case)

2. Use small flat head screw driver or tweezer to unlock the zip ties from baseboard (save for future shipping in case) 

3. Remove scooter from baseboard and remove zip ties and packing foam sheets from fork and handle bar

4. Install cap on handle bar with 3 screws and tool on baseboard. The stud on cap should be aligned into the hole on handle bar. Make sure all 3 screws are fully tightened. Install rubber cap cover

5. Plug in battery cord under scooter floor board. Charge battery through charging port or directly on battery (charger light turns into red and some noise can be heard while in charging). Stop charging when charger light turns into green.

6. Find scooter RFID key card and instruction manual on baseboard. Read manual thoroughly before operating. Keep ID card away from strong electromagnetic filed 

7. Save the baseboard, cardboard box and zip ties in storage for future shipping use (If necessary)

8. Register your product at for warranty service

9. Push and hold lower left button on display for 2 second to activate display then swipe the ID card to turn scooter on. Select your speed and enjoy!