FaQs. General Information

Q: My scooter has no power

A: Check if battery is charged. Check if battery cable is plugged in the battery compartment (make sure battery cable is plugged in the right direction). Check the on/off button on battery.

Q: How to charge battery?

A: You can plug the charger either to scooter’s charging port or to the battery (make sure to plug in the right direction). The light on charger will turn into red in charging mode and will turn into green after the battery is fully charged.

Q: The battery has power, but scooter doesn’t have power to move

A: Check if the motor cable is tightly connected to the controller.

Q: The front light is flashing and the scooter is not moving

A: Check if the brake is locked.

Q: What should I do if I lost my ID card?

A: Each scooter comes with two ID cards. If one is lost, you can order extra ID cards as backup. If you lost both, you will need to send the display back to us for Re-key or order a new display and key set. You will need to provide scooter serial # and ownership information in this case. 

Q: How to replace tires?

A: The tires are standard size used for ATVs and lawn mower tractors. You could purchase the tires and DIY by following YouTube video clips. Or, you could go to shops to replace the tires.

Q: Scooter is not easy to turn

A: The standard scooter model has a flat profile rear tire to achieve an unique self-balancing feature. To make the turn easier, the rider’s body should lean slightly  into the turning direction. For some riders who prefer easy maneuver instead of self-balancing, they can choose a round rear tire scooter model.

Q: How to transport your scooter with automobile?

A: We recommend that you trasport your scooter in vertical position. We developed a custom compact hitch rack to carry the scooter or you can use truck, van or SUV to carry. If you need to detach handle bar to fit the scooter into a smaller car, make sure the wire harness is well protected at the top of fork. 

Q: How to fix brake problems?

A: This scooter use common bicycle hydraulic disk brake system. You can go to any electric bike store for brake adjustment or repair. There are three bolts on each caliper are manufacturer sealed. To avoid hydraulic oil leaking, do not loose those three bolts!

Q: Is insurance required?

A: Insurance is not required by law but it is a good idea to carry an insurance policy to protect yourself and other people in case of injury or property demage. You may either add to your own home/auto insurance policy or get a new electric scooter/bike insurance policy.        

Q: Is this scooter street legal?

A: This scooter is similar to a class II E-bike but with a bigger motor. There is no specific classification and rule regarding this product. Generally speaking, it should be used by following class II E-bike rule on public street. You should also check and verify with local rules to properly use this product.      

Q: Where to get Insurance?

A: Followings are some high rated e-bike insurance companies for your reference: https://www.spokeinsurance.com/; http://mcclaininsurance.com/; https://velosurance.com/; https://simplebikeinsurance.com/; https://www.progressive.com/answers/bicycle-insurance/;

Q: How to care of battery?
Make sure the electric outlet and cord meet proper safety standard when charging battery. Do not over charging battery or keep battery in extremely hot/cold condition. Disconnect battery from scooter and charge battery every 2-3 months to keep its cells activated if not in use.
Q: What make Kaaspeed scooter different from others?
1) The frame is made from lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy. 2) The battery is made from car grade LG cell lithium battery cells with smart BMS. 3) Wire harness is delicately concealed to create a clean and sleek looking. 4) All components are modular designed and connected with high grade water resistant cables for all weather performance and easy maintenance. 5) Unique self-balancing feature for fun riding. 6) TFT color display and RFID key card with built-in Bluetooth or GPS option for smart phone and app application. 7) Quick accessory connection for golfing, shopping, surfing, camping, etc. 8) Advanced packaging design for easy unboxing, assembling, packing and shipping.

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